If you are struggling, I would recommend reading through the first few issues of the MagPi magazine. Anyway I’ll post a new thread but thanks for your help it really is appreciated Graeme. Nevertheless, I think it is an interesting learning experience and a starting point for other projects see this video to add position sensors using potentiometers: As usual, the proof is in the pudding: For this part, as you don’t need the GUI at all, it’s easier to exit the graphic session and use the command line. Skip to content About. Email required Address never made public.

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Download the PyUSB library.

Although the preferred platform for future updates is Python 3 it can be quite difficult to install on systems where pygame is not packed up for python 3 yet. You can download the latest release v0. At the moment only real-time operation of the robot arm is included. By taking inspiration i. I have added a uF electrolytic and ram nF to the supply rails which has improved operation when using the brake command.

Support for OWI/Maplin USB Robotic Arm []

The link to the pyusb libraries is a broken link something about url shortener I’ve never come across that before, anyway I had a look at the instructions and although it looks fairly straightforward I can see it being time consuming if it doesn’t work straight out of the box, I wouldn’t normally mind that but this is not my laptop and time isn’t on my side, also I expect it would be very basic compared to the Windows interface and as this is for a wee boy I’m leaning toward just running Windows either in a VM or dual boot, I have a choice of XP or Win 7 if I went for a dual boot I wouldn’t consider XP but I’m thinking XP in a VM would be ok because it’s only to make this device work which it does I know XP is no longer supported and a security risk but I’m sure I could disable networking, also XP would have a smaller footprint and probably less resource intensive making it run a little faster anyway that’s how I’m thinking your advice or opinions would be appreciated Graeme.


This should extract the files. The main issues are: This will only work on a Raspberry Pi using the default pi username.

Thanks SeZo I followed the instructions but when I tried to run the python script I was getting syntax errors so I moved over to the VM option, but I’m having issues with installing the correct extension pack something about conflicts with the guest additions version, I don’t know why they don’t just bundle all that together so it all works with one installation. Anyway I’ll post a new thread but thanks for your help it really is appreciated Graeme Logged Print Pages: Once you have found your downloaded pyusb Anyway I’ll post a new thread but thanks for kinux help it really is appreciated Graeme.

Thanks for all the stuff. No, because the bit can’t control it. If the mapljn is added to the applications menu then it can be launched by clicking on the appropriate icon.

This will open up a graphical session. When buying a robot arm you need to ensure mqplin you buy the version that includes the USB computer interface or buy the usb interface separately.


Controlling a USB robotic arm with a Raspberry Pi

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. There are no position encoders or even limit switches fortunately there are some slip clutches so things don’t break so all movement is performed by timing.

The electronics consist of a single sided PCB with a mix of through hole and surface mount devices. Let me know if you have it running on a Windows machine:. So you might expect two 0. The Number Of The Beast. The program works by sending a direction and time to operate the motors.

Before we had chance to build it someone on reddit posted saying the device needed to be reverse engineered. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Now you need to give the arm some moves.

Already answered Mapln a question Bad question Other. It turns out to be very easy to do this. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Using the Maplin Robotic Arm with Scratch | Franco Raimondi

How do I have my code run at set times? No mapplin file or directory” will occur. The next step is to grant appropriate permissions to the USB device.