I have 2 of these.. Though I have little use for such small capacity. Download links never expire. Most of my flash drives are filled to the brim with stuff that I use on the fly, so I reserved this one as my emergency transfer drive. Nothing special, just a little gig flash drive with iLogic written in white down the side. But the one I purchased happened to, and still does, work great.

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1 gig iLogic USB drive not recognized by computer

Receive news updates via email from this site. First you create a sketch with a profile, and then you extrude the profile a specific distance.

Hope I can find the receipt to take it back. Is that of sugar or sodium?

iLogic Made Simple – TEDCF Publishing

By the end of the course you will be able to create a new assembly, all its components, and 2D drawings of all the components and assemblies with a single click of a button. Inventor Studio Inventor Many you buy are going to tell you it hasn’t passed Windows Logo testing. Oh, and those lovely little energy shots. Wayne June 20, at 8: My iLogic 1 Gb flash drive took files for about 4 hours, then stopped — no files, won’t format, shows 8 Mb of space but won’t take files.


But, that doesnot work either. I can’t speak for everything that iLogic creates nor for every one of these drives. Your email address will not be published. Piece of junk won’t work out of the box. And at the very least, you could load the damned thing up with pics and video of your family and mail it to your dear old Granny. I have 2 of these. You can download the course now or wait to receive the USB. I know I won’t trust buy iLogic again.

I opened it up and my computer won’t even recognize. TEDCF Publishing uses our own cookies as well as third party cookies to help improve your experience on our website as described in our Privacy Policy. I was standing in line at a department store the other day waiting to check out. Joe G June 20, at 8: Larry Wilson June 20, at 8: Includes project files in both metric and English.


This iLogic Made Simple training course shows you how to automate the construction iloyic models, assemblies, and drawings. First 6 courses MB. On the quick benchmark I was getting typical speeds. You can also browse through the lessons from the following Inventor courses and watch sample lessons from each course.

I got this for 5. Though I have little use for such small capacity.

iLogic 1GB Flash Drive Review

What do you need to know before you use this course? Sergei June 20, at 8: Thanks for helping me. It has a limited storage capability, but I have found great use in it when it comes to transferring files to my desktop, such as pictures I have been working on or the like. I finally got it out and looked it over.

Art June 20, at 8: Vicki June 20, at 8: