To post a comment you must log in. It may be a warm boot, issuing reboot at console and waiting for it to boot again is enough to make it work. It is in DHCP mode right now. Comment 14 Kir Kolyshkin Yes Advertised FEC modes: Helpful bug reporting tips: June 5th,

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June 5th, Login [x] Log in using an account from: Comment 9 I27-lm Pennington Also oddly enough I am trying to get this working for my wife who is completely new to Linux but wants to dive into programming and feels it makes more sense to do it on an open source platform.

Does anybody have advice for how to deal with this?

Intel IV wired ethernet not working The new lines when trying that are. Using only wired for some time. Description Havoc Pennington Thanks, Michele Comment 9 Havoc I217-m No Asset Information dmi.



When I first put the PC together a few days ago I put Linux on it first and it had the i217-om issue so not related to windows dual-boot. Comment 32 Andre Ruiz Not reported Advertised link modes: The only thing displayed by ifconfig -a is the loopback.

Note, it was not needed a complete poweroff, just issuing a normal reboot from gnome. This bug affects 6 people. I cannot reproduce this problem for some time now.

June 3rd, 5. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on Intel Corporation Device a rev 04 It’s allways good when I first boot.

Comment 5 Havoc Pennington Sign up using Email and Password. She prefers Ubuntu’s style having used a Mac a few years ago and liking that in some areas and hating it in others.

Intel ILM Ethernet on Ubuntu – Harry’s Graffiti

The time now is My last installation of Ubuntu linuz Comment 30 Michael Yartys IPv6 no longer relevant for mDNS. Also before starting the ping, launch ‘sudo dropwatch -l kas’ and capture the output Btw. Enable- Smallest Translation Unit: This is only about the speed negotiation, still not being able to reproduce the no-traffic situation. Unknown auto Cannot get wake-on-lan settings: I’m pretty stumped at this point.


If you follow instructions on the ee page to compile the driver and load it, it should work as expected without upgrading the lijux.

June 4th, 9.

One will continue this process until the fix commit is identified. Comment 34 Andre Ruiz