I prefer it over the Callaway Heavenwood that replaced my 3 iron, as it is far easier to hit in my opinion. And along came Nickent and their 3DX ironwood Hybrids – and it was luv at first whack well, second anyway. Unlike the Adams, Ping, TM or a slew of others that, at address, give you the feeling that you are looking down at a huge angled face; the Nickent lines up like a trusty 3 or 4 wood. The ball flight on fairways are almost perfect every hit. I like mine a lot and I don’t work for Nickent.

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The Nippon steel shaft is a third stock option.

Skip to main content. I highly recommend it. I like the club, bottomline. There is a dog-leg left par-four on the front nine of a local course with a big tree right in the middle of the fairway.

Many thanks for the product review. So when I hit the Nickent 3DX ironwood with either the stock UST graphite or the iRod, while I was impressed with how the head itself navigated the turf, I knew something was missing – and all my concerns were answered once it got the Aldila NV75 Hybrid specific shaft treatment. genrx

Nickent Genex 3dx Ironwood 17 Degree 2 Hybrid Steel Stiff Flex J | eBay

I hit the 3H Alida shaft off the tee for consistently straight shots of yd or more. I feel good because now I have the consistency I was searching for. And welcome to GolfOpinions. The best hybrid for the low handicapper. If I had written the review and was getting trashed, I would have handled matters with humor, saying “Gosh guys, I wish that I worked for Nickent, but I’m just a normal Joe, just like you.

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In addition to the new clubface, forty grams of weight have been moved to the bottom of the club to help you get the ball airborne and to either side of the club to help you hit it straight. Not snapping off, but the shaft pulled apart between the hosel and flange, just like my 7 iron.

These are great clubs. Legendary Hybrids There’s a reason these were one of the top hybrids on all tours.

Nickent 3DX Ironwood DC Review

I started with the Good luck to all and do yourself a favor and get one. Posted 08 September – My 7 iron head came off first on August 11th. Fenex was mildly annoying to have to change my swing even slightly. Displaying 1 – 10 of 32 reviews Paginate left 1 – Current Page 2 3 4 Paginate right.

Even after last year’s success of the MD at the British Open had me excited, but that club’s design left me asking for something I could hit from somewhere other than perfect fairway lies.

Quote Originally posted by beeranon Interesting thought, but I’m not sure I agree. Nickent was trying to do away with them by moving the internal weight around. The use of bold and italics is the easy part. You dont feel you have to work to make good contact or get the ball into the air. Anything to bring the “how many” down in number.


Ive been swinging this club for a couple months and tenex absolutely love it. Have to also say they are in my opinion a far better product than the most recent hybrid derivatives that nickent has produced. There is no need to get aggressive with this club.

Nickent Genex 3dx Ironwood 17 Degree 2 Hybrid Steel Stiff Flex J135766

I had to replace that green headcover with one of the silver headcovers from the earlier version however, horribly ugly headcovers those green things. How about hosel size? The Winn V17 series grip and trademark green Aldila NV shaft both look great and complement the club-head nicely.

They seem quite laid back about the entire ordeal considering that it is their product quality that is deplorable.