The manufacturing issues we saw with Llano did not bode well for AMD or the upcoming Bulldozer products. I want AMD to succeed. I like to root for the little guy I also have to agree that it is pathetic that they cant beat out previous generations, even with a decent overclock. That is light-years ahead of last gen. While this is not the latest version, it is still a very decent application for Geforce gt playback. Probably not really worth the effort since Bulldozer is in full production, and is finally yielding good enough to meet demand.

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I want AMD to succeed.

AMD FX-6200 CPU Review: A Small Bulldozer Refresh

My point is that the truth of how dx performs and what kind of tradeoffs 6200aa had to make to get these to market needed to be spotlighted. I have a with a x sli and have had absolutely no issues with gaming at ultra with dual 52” led tvs.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment for many users was the launch of the FX The only thing keeping this company alive is the success of their APU lines. FX Video Memory Capacity: Finally, the only time the FX really overcomes the T is when overclocked to 4. Thanks Ryan for doing this i bet it wasn’t that easy to get because i don’t thank amd sent these out for people to review.


The FX is based off of the same Bulldozer revision as the previous FX series of parts that was released last October. Ventilador; Fabricante de Chip: The retail package comes with a 62200a hefty heatsink and fan combination that should be able to handle the extra thermal load that the watt CPU provides.

PassMark – AMD FX Six-Core – Price performance comparison

If Trinity still can’t beat out the X6 I’m going to suggest that 62000a just give up on processors. In the end, you and the entire PC Per team is amazing. I checked AMD’s financials. It maybe worth it. The top end FX was competitive with the previous Phenom II X6 T, but it paled in comparison to the Intel i7 which was right around the same price range.

FX Can Run PC Game System Requirements

So, consumers are getting lower performance for the price as compared to last gen products. Note link, Part number etc. That is so true Prestaeus, only because if you install and new computer AMD or Intel parts your are going to have a speedy machine. Do you have any tips for aspiring cx

Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? If it plays the games you want it to play or encode faster than your last rig, then you did alright!


At that point the FX product pulls more watts at the wall than the T it barely outpaces. If it had come out sooner it would be even worse. I think we need to step back and really look at Bulldozer.

I got to see an engineering sample of Trinity APU. I finally was able to grasp where some of the bottlenecks were for Bulldozer and what some of its issues are. Improvements came at last.

AMD FX-6200 Six-Core

Those are some seriously leaky transistors though. They may have reached 4GHz 95W on all cores, but performance per clock couldn’t have been much different. I was just sorta going off that conversation another site had with an ex-AMDer who spoke up about the use of automation at AMD for processor design.

620a0 12, I think this is a good step from FX Yeah, I wonder what it would take to redo the Phenom IIs at 32 nm. New Arrivals The latest and most anticipated vxa phones to hit the shelves! It really was a tremendous product for AMD in