I bought this one from the dell store on ebay, which was refurbished for like bucks. Don’t worry about losing USB ports though, as four extra are on the monitor — two on the side, and two on the bottom. I’m sure there are better out there now, but for the money it’s a stellar deal. Not a super flat, feels like it weighs 25lbs, no HDMI, but the picture quality is amazing and the stand can be tilted around easily. By moving a white cursor across a dark grey background, you could see a black ghost trail behind the moving object. Great monitor with a great value The good:

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Yes, x mm.

Dell 2407WFP-HC LCD Monitor

I had a 3rd revision for years, and I loved it. At the time of this review, Dell are working towards a fix for this issue, perhaps something which will be updated in an A01 revision of the screen?

Dell’s SDG budget gaming monitor delivers on high refresh rates and Nvidia hhc. Very pleased with them as replacement for my aging 19″ 4: It does have DVI though which offer the same image quality, just doesn’t carry sound.

As usual, this is maybe an issue for some serious gamers, but probably not to most normal users. Use a Preset Colour Profile You can download a colour profile for the screen from here or here dlel different ones to try.

If you can’t do this, the screen does offer hardware level aspect ratio controlwith options for 1: The Good Large screen.


He also posted a useful video showing the artefact well. We will have to wait and see, but have faith that Dell are investigating, and are certainly aware of all the user complaints.

Dell UltraSharp WFP-HC Specs – CNET

Cheaper 24″ models are beginning to emerge, but the Dell remains one of the more premium models and does not limit itself to TN Film technology as some other models have begun to. The tilt and height adjustments are particularly useful on a screen of this size, and afforded me the option to set the screen to a comfortable position.

Dell’s UltraSharp LCD-HC is basically the same inch widescreen monitor that we reviewed from Dell a year ago, only with an improved range of displayable color. Dell monitors always seem to attract a lot of attention, and not without good reason.

However, if you sit a couple of metres away, which you’ll want to with a screen this size, there is no real issue in practice.

I game BF3 across three monitors and have no issues, it looks amazing. Then, we must send it to the manufacturer to get corrective actions.

All of the options you’d expect to find are present, including three presets for multimedia, games, and desktop, but making a selection and navigating in general is unintuitive. Performance for gaming is excellent.

Stay up to date: The first few revisions were known for an unfortunate tendency to display fuzzy text and mess up gradients due mainly to the image post-processing engine used. I write code on these monitors, I game on these monitors, and I use these monitors with standard applications such as internet and word processing. The third monitor I bought though, was Rev See details for full description.


Best Selling in Monitors See all. Despite the above suggestions being tried, many users are still reporting that the ghosting issue is still obvious and is very distracting during use.

You could tell before even connecting the colorimeter that colours felt even and contrast and brightness felt pretty comfortable. I always find that in this size sector, the real usability of a rotate function is limited, but the ability to rotate into portrait mode as shown above might be useful to some uses. To all strokes, our version has been put up to date. Monitor Panel Parts Database. Use a Preset Colour Profile.

This is unfortunately a common issue with Samsung panels in some models, and the ‘overshoot’ in this case is quite pronounced.

If you do not want to wait, return the monitors. Gamma was spot on at 2. Since most users won’t have access to hardware colorimeter tools, it is important to understand how the screen is going to perform in terms of colour accuracy for the average user.