Choose the wire entry style. Shopping Cart Check Out. BuildNumber ; break ; default: Self powered from the USB port. The buzzer is not recommended for noisy environments.

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Self powered from the USB port. I decided to leave the buzzer and switch control as an exercise for another day as these ilght not essential to my plans and the buzzer would likely annoy me. The buzzer is not recommended for noisy environments. The bottom entry is a best for pole mount or surface where a hole is available for the wire to feed thru the surface.

Delcom Products Inc – USB HID Single Color Visual Indicators Lights

This is what the light can do: This makes me happy. Setting the colour of the light was as simple as folows:. This makes me sad. After using this to store some configuration information for some tests to great success I thought about using Redis to provide an interface into the inner workings of my delfom light.

Choose the wire entry style. They no longer need to even exist on the same computer.


Choose the USB cable length; either 2 or 5 meter. Build Succeeded by i-think Twenty-Two Both the build and the tests have passed. Welcome to Delcom Products. Of course, this was only part of the battle. I chose to set up the following delcpm for each colour light:. The buzzer is actuated via software control.

The code required to integrate the light to the build monitor was actually the simplest bit of code in the whole thing. The work I needed to do involved automating the interaction with the UI, a task I was already familiar with and to do it within the application itself, a breeze. By holding the desired state of the light in Redis all I would need is to signal that a change edlcom been made and all would be well.

Delcom Products – USB Visual Signal Indicator Lights

Support on all major OS systems. Intensity, flash rate and duty cycle are all programmable. I also wanted to be able to make the light flash while a build was running and continue to show the colour of the previous build result. Unique serial number in each device for multi device support. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Another technology I have been looking into recently is Redis.


Rather than starting from scratch I chose to extend the existing example code as it was already working well. There are three wire entry styles, they are; side, bottom and center.

This option includes a ligut usb connector that allows the USB cable to pass thru the mounting pole.

Genuine Delcom 904007-s USB HID Rgy/blink Visual Signal Indicator

Name buildStatus [ b. Click on the product number for more information.

Dimensions are 50mm by 58mm, the base has an treaded insert for pole mounting. The changes I needed to make were: How to select your USB visual signal indicator.

I had three colours to choose from, red, green and yellow.