Take away the standard 3. If big cans that completely cover your ear are too clunky for you, take a look at the A38s. Performance For on-ear headphones, the A38s handle bass very well. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. If designing isn’t your bag, you can always select some from the pre-made, often game-related designs.

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Shipping a unit without placing a physical battery indicator is a real faux pas.

It’s a minor complaint, but one I can’t help but feel defies Astro’s “lifestyle product” descriptor. Of course, I don’t live in or around the lake, either. Also, the mix avoids the overemphasis on bass that so many gaming headsets lean on. Actually, at this price there’s no need to resist. Unlike those asgro headphones, the A38 doesn’t have a method to turn off noise cancellation without simply turning the headphones off.

Astro Gaming A38 Bluetooth Headset

On the other side of each earcup are plush, synthetic leather pads. You can jump to the next track by double-tapping the multi-function button, but the A38s otherwise offer no playback controls. However, you can actually pair the A38 to multiple devices, which means you can play a game on your Vita but still answer a call by just picking up your phone and saying hello.


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Headphones Astro A38 – headset.

Astro Gaming A38 Bluetooth Headset Review & Rating |

How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls. The Astro A38s sound good, feel comfortable, and offer effective, if comparatively modest, noise cancellation. Bottom Line Astro Gaming’s on-ear A38 headphones combine a stylish a83, Bluetooth connectivity, and noise cancellation, although the latter isn’t quite as impressive as competitors’ versions of the technology. Bluetooth, by its very nature, is an unrestrictive platform. Design Visually, the A38s are wireless, boom-microphone-free versions of Astro’s A30 wired gaming headset.

Sleeping riders, stained upholstery, fashion-forward headphones, and white freebie earbuds. This may sound gross, but in the end it’s often better to choose a darker color when face oil and sweat is involved.

One particularly noticeable aspect of the A38 is its noise-cancelling effect. Take away the standard 3. For the gamer on the go, the Astro A38 is a powerful, petite set of cans — but if you’re planning on staying sedentary, upgrade to the extraordinary Astro A The 50 Best iPad Games. Astro Gaming is best known for gaming headsets, but its first serious foray into general-purpose headphones is a success. Astro A38 – headset Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.


Performance For on-ear headphones, the A38s handle bass very well. After all, it’s in its name.

Introduction and design Next Page Sound quality, performance and verdict. I couldn’t keep the A38 cups on for longer than an hour or so, due to the heat and acute pressure.

And I achieved a Vulcan level mind meld with my Vita while swapping blocks in Lumines.

The idea here are headphones that come with you when you leave the axtro in the morning and be hung up when you get back to the a3 safety of your higher-end gaming headsets.

Despite this, the A38s and their noise-cancellation circuitry do an admirable job of cutting out background noise, and kept my subway commute relatively quiet. No wired or noise-canceling-free options. And if you plan to use the A38 for conversations, its microphone is a bit of a letdown: I got through a week of testing, using it both ways during my 40 minute commute as well as intermittently throughout the day, on a single charge.

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