Sandro January 14, at Its just the SSD thats not being recognised. That being said, would the rest of the drives work or just a single gb after updating? Dmitry, see my comment here. Gutharius February 19, at Giovanni Lovato February 7, at 3: Info about that on this site:

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Andreas Peetz December 8, at 9: Andreas Peetz November 16, at 7: And thank you also unlimitedpl for the direct link to the drivers. Sorry, I cannot fix that.

No AMD SATA AHCI drivers anymore? | Page 2 | TechPowerUp Forums

For now, everything is working as I hoped. Anonymous January 6, at 5: Anonymous December 8, at 8: Open device manager by right clicking the start button and then click “Device Manager”. I do have this same problem.

Could this be the problem that there are no disks detected? Is it possible to create a vib for this controller? Make sure that you have configured it for pure AHCI mode!


Does anyone have experience with ASMedia based cards? Before finding that final solution, I did one thing that may or may not have had an effect on the final outcome.

Could you please add: Enjoy the festivities and happy new year! I get to set up my study lab now.

Fixing the AMD AHCI drivers for SB7xx on Windows 7

Here’s my output, I’d be really happy if you could assist me! Yes, I do know how to do all the steps to manually install a driver, have only 30 years experience with computers. I used the info you gathered here to initially bump my driver version from 1. You really ame me with my external esata raid ; thank-thank-thank you! You can find it here: Hi Jay, you probably have already installed the package before!?

I have a programmer device so it’s not a problem to experiment, but I don’t know what exactly I have to change in the bios file itself to make it work in AHCI mode.


I have a question. This discussion is locked.

I just double checked, that is correct. I wonder if you could incorporate the following to your map. For all the listed controllers the ahci driver was loaded and they were made available as vmhba0, 32, 34 and Anonymous December 16, at 8: Real benefit to all of us.

The uploaded file has been deleted from servers so I can’t download it. It helped quite alot!!!

No AMD SATA AHCI drivers anymore?

Thank You, Thank You!! Hi Ez-Aton, I added this controller in version 1. Hi Andreas, been rea’ding your posts with great interest.