Loop void , agk will do that for you , try this int app:: Good idea about using a bool for looping – thanks. Never has this ever happened against an AGK Community. But I have a bad news too. This is Tanzim K, and thank you for reading this. I’ve heard of some web browsers being inconsistent in their handling of KeyPress events for the escape key, so maybe something similar is going on here. You are using an outdated browser that does not support modern web technologies, in order to use this site please update to a new browser.

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Image – px-Computer keyboard Danish | Angry German Kid Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Harold Slikk is usually heard beating on his son with a keyboard. It doesn’t print anything. All this time I am the owner of this group Unable to load more. I bid farewell to all of you people. SetWindowSize, 1 ; agk:: About games slightly off-topic.

640px-Computer keyboard Danish layout.png

If a video is played backwards, Leopold will scream in pain as if the keyboard is on fire. CreateSprite 1, 1 ; agk:: My laptop is back after the 8 weeks repairment since 20 October. afk


It is scary to think if he also has the ability to track our locations. Well, this is my last post in leyboard AGK community.

Don’t force anyone to watch your videos. But now, I have moved ekyboard from my career and decided to quit the community for good.

In any animation or RPG battle parody, Leopold will always have an attack that involves smashing the keyboard against an opponent. Why is my profile picture changed?

I banned as many as I can, but they kept coming back. They’re kebyoard the only thing that helps me improve my skills; Downfall parodies also help me love video editing, and they’re more popular than Angry German Kid episodes.

AGK Keyboard input – GameCreators Forum

I’m not sure why this keyboard check for the Esc Key isn’t working? Leopold will smash the keyboard after something doesn’t go his way, yet the next scene, the keyboard will look fine.

I’m still using this. I was scouting for the idiot who keeps coming back until one moment, he raided our entire server with countless numbers of bots he bought or hacked I don’t know how one obtains a bot and things were very difficult. Forum Home Search Login.


And I don’t know what else to say? I would improving again. Hm that’s very strange I will leave the community by SetVSync 1 ; agk:: GetRawKeyState 27 ; agk:: And never let drama like this drag you to hell.

He believes that I done nothing to help get rid of this pest. But I have a bad news too.

Leopold back with keyboard.png

It would has some changes on it and They should put Recapacha instead to stop spambots for entering this Website. Don’t remove other people’s posts and keybkard unwillingly.

Leopold’s Keyboard – Many different Varieties of Leopold’s keyboard are detailed here.