RS is a standard for serial communication transmission of data. I am concerned with the output in AVR mode. Cable modem shopping tips Cable modem shopping tips by Dong Ngo. Every Mustek UPS works like that. I did not measure output voltage with a multimeter until I saw V output in Winpower software. Or the sensor is wrong and output voltage is V. The power is drawn from the battery.

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I have exactly the same problem. Maybe someone knows of one that will actually filter noise in addition to being a battery backup.

It should be as close to your V as possible.

You can see by this explanation the UPS was designed to keep the Output Voltage it delivers to your electronic equipment between V and V.

Bestek’s smartly designed strip includes two USB ports, as well as cable and phone jacks. As soon as input voltage gets up to V my Powemust starts to lower output to V.

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But if you look at the chart you can see that at around V input UPS lowers the output to almost V. If input is lower than V than output is around V.


They are purely battery backups in case of a power outage. And their mistake made me return a good working UPS.

PowerMust 1400 USB P

The power is drawn from the battery. The most familiar AC waveform is the sine wave, which derives its name from the fact that the current or voltage varies with the sine of the elapsed time. However unpredictable power events such as surges, spikes, blackouts and brownouts can damage or destroy electrical components in your telephone system immediately ppwermust bit by bit.

In both cases, there is nothing to worry abot. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. I have searched the program for everything during the 6 months I used it and I found nothing like that.

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Switch it for another Mustek UPS is not an option. Try looking in the program preferences and see if you can set the output voltage. Run Time Up To. Most UPS devices do not actually filter noise.

Mustek PowerMust USB P Uninterruptible Power Supply specifications

When the UPS output gets shorted, overload protection kicks in, and after the short is cleared the UPS can be reset and is ready to go. Peripherals by Rick Broida Oct 24, Searchable scanners may be your best friend this tax season Searchable scanners may be your best friend this tax season by Alina Bradford. Peripherals by David Carnoy Jul 2, After that I checked the output voltage.


Thanks again for reply and sorry for bad english. A longtime reader mustke, the VicTsing MM has never been priced this low. The only other option would be asking for the return of your money.

Cable modem shopping tips Cable modem shopping tips by Dong Ngo. Quote from the mail: Gaming by Rick Broida Jul 20, But like I said, you can live with a 2 V difference assuming the sensor is correct. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

At the time output voltage is V and input voltage is V. Output Voltage is therefore the same voltage that enters the electric equipment you have conected to the UPS. A waveform is a representation of how alternating current AC varies with time. Thanks for you reply.