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Have all games originals and it is always the same nightmare, again and again Message 12 of 61 6, Views. I have same problem in BF3. It was Comodo Firewall.

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Played BF4 for 40 hours, iv got kicked for that around 3 times. Discourse is encouraged, however, slapfights and name-calling may lead to removal. I noticed now Precision X claims it will not work with 64 bit programs, but it makes no sense when it was working fine with BF3 just 3 months ago.


The HIPS updates this year seem to regard every single program I have installed already an intrusion. Use of this site constitutes proogram of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Rule 5 No reposts. Download the service installer from http: Message 16 of 61 6, Views.

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Message 14 of 61 6, Views. That way I can share with the community what conclusion I came to.

Help us improve Answers HQ! Rule 7 No brigading. Since I’m unable to play Saturday.

PunkBuster keeps kicking me (RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver []) : battlefield_4

Log In Sign Up. I don’t run any recording software, I’ve tried different drivers.

PunkBuster kicked player ‘My Nick Name’ for 0 restridtion Google also hasn’t shown anything useful either aside from possibly disabling Catalyst Control Centre but without it, the game will default to the Intel GPU which simply won’t run the game. Do not submit baiting or “circlejerking” posts, or posts with the intent of belittling a certain player or playstyle. February I no longer know what to do: No hacks or glitch tutorials allowed.


See details Show less. I think anything of win 8. PunkBuster kicked player ‘anakin’ for 0 minutes Submit a new link. Message 19 of 61 6, Views.

Disallowed Program/Driver [119005] ! Punk-Busted!

This widget could not be displayed. I’ve tried going back to the previous Precision X versions and still won’t work.

All 3 times i just reenter the server and i dont get kicked again. Einige Geodaten dieser Seite werden von geonames. Battlefield submitted 1 year dizallowed by nekminnito. Befor 23 day i has installed win7 pro x64 and has no problems, after i upgrade my pc to win 8.